University Committee and Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Associate Director, UMMSM FOCIS Center of Excellence; 2012-Present.
  • Co-Director, Diagnostic Hepatology Laboratory; Schiff Center for Liver Diseases 2012-Present.
  • CFAR Scientific Area Leader, Comorbidities and Coinfections 2013-Present.
  • Faculty Advisor, The Medical IBIS-Medical Student Publication 2013-Present.

Community Activities:

  • Community Screening for Viral Hepatitis with Union Positiva (Community Based Organization) and F.I.U. (Dr. Eric Wagner).
  • HCV Screening Advocacy-Health Subcommittee Presentation, Florida State Legislature, Tallahassee, FL 2014.
  • NIH Funding Advocacy-Congressional Visit, American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, Capitol Hill, Washington DC 2012.
  • NIH Funding Advocacy-Congressional Visit, Joint Advocacy Coalition (JAC) Capitol Hill Translational Research Advocacy Day, Washington DC 2011.
  • Florida Keys Medical Student Health Fair: January 1999 and January 2000.
  • South Florida VITAS Hospice Pet Therapy Volunteer: 1994-1998.

Thesis and Dissertation Advising:

  • MD/PhD Student Thesis Dissertation Committee Chair: Matthew Phillips (Advisor/Mentor: Maria Abreu M.D.)

Teaching Specialization:

  • Viral Hepatitis, Host Defense, Innate Immunity, Hepatology, Infectious Disease Screening

Course Teaching:

  • MIC 523 Virology. Viral Hepatitis. (Spring 2015).
  • MDB 651 Advanced Cell Biology Approaches to Molecular Medicine. Models of Hepatocyte Stress that Cause Liver Cirrhosis/Disease (Spring 2015).
  • CAB 612 Viral Oncology and Tumor Immunology. New Insight into Viral Hepatitis and the Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Spring 2015).
  • Pathway in Immunologic Medicine/ID-Microbes and Immunity Forum (Small Group-Viral Hepatitis) (Spring 2015).
  • MIC 628 (Small group- Viral Hepatitis) Principle of Immunology. Intrinsic Innate Immune Response to HBV and HCV Including Cytosolic DNA and RNA PRR Sensors. (Spring 2015).
  • MD/MPH Program (Classroom Lecture) Viral Hepatitis and Its Impact on Public Health. (Fall 2014).
  • MIC 523 (Small group – Viral Hepatitis) New Insight into Viral Hepatitis and the Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Spring 2014).
  • PIBS 602 (Small group – Scientific Reasoning) New Insight into the Hepatitis C Activated Antiviral Response and the Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Fall 2013).
  • MDB 651 (Small group – Scientific Reasoning) Advanced Cell Biology Approaches to Molecular Medicine. Hepatocyte and Liver Disease (Spring 2013).

Prior Teaching:

  • Teaching Assistant, Microbiology Lab, Fall 2003. University of Miami, Department of Biology